Rangatira Hei Taiaha

Regal Enterprises


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Rangatira Hei Taiaha - By Regal Enterprises.

A Chief wearing a Topuna, a war mat made from the skin of the kuri (dog), the now extinct dog was introduced to New Zealand by the Maori.

Often pure white, any number of colour combinations and patterns were produced.

The Chief holds a Taiah, two-handed weapon with a striking blade at one end and a highly decorated point at the other which were usually intricately carved and adorned with feathers of tufts of dogs hair.

From an extensive range of decorative figurines which are made from white metal, and then meticulously hand painted. Not suitable for small children. 

1st Maori War 1845-1847.



Width - 35mm x Height - 80mm x Depth - 20mm