Why buy from The Poi Room?

Why buy from The Poi Room?

There are so many places we can spend our hard-earned money on in this time and place.


My thoughts are that we all need to nourish ourselves with nutritious food and liquid, have shelter and look after our health. We also need warmth, love and empathy for each other.


Of course we may want to add on a few vices….a glass of wine and nibbles with close friends, a spurt at surfing with a great mate, a movie night….and then there is shopping!


Yes, my girls love second hand shopping for clothes, and also get excited with the latest comfy sneaker on offer.


When it comes to art, jewellery, sculpture and pottery, for example, these are not life or death necessities. However, if you have the extra money and decide to spend it on these things, then it is wonderful to have some association that makes those things meaningful.


For me, buying something New Zealand-made supports our nation. That is what The Poi Room represents…..supporting New Zealand artists, makers, brands, manufacturers, and the economy.


In terms of our product, the base ingredients (clay, paper, textile) may be from overseas, but the majority of the work on the product is handled in New Zealand. The screenprinting, the painting, the sewing, the weaving, the soldering, the throwing, the photography, the carving, the pouring, the blowing….is all made here in this lovely country from the deep south to the far north.

We are mindful of keeping alive the traditions and culture of New Zealand. Supporting the old ways and seeing them transformed into contemporary surprises. Applauding and praising the elders teaching the old ways to the young.


The work that is selected for The Poi Room is specifically curated to provide a wide variety of work with something to delight the senses and provide choice.


There are pieces to gift to the teacher, the special guest speaker, the graduate, the anniversary present, the wedding, the engagement, the tourist, the ‘just because’ gift, the family, the loved one…..something for everyone.


We are considerate of the environment and are endeavouring to delete plastic bubble wrap and employ sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and materials into our shops.


We employ people who are committed to our dreams, our aspirations and stand behind our brand. We provide the best possible service with intelligence and integrity. We are all individuals and bring our own history, personality and skill-set into the stores.


Overall we are here to promote fabulous New Zealand product to our local customers, visitors, ex-pats, businesses and corporates.



We love this place, we love New Zealand, we love The Poi Room!