Purchasing an Artwork – Certainty with an Appro

Purchasing an Artwork – Certainty with an Appro

Art is in the eye of the beholder.


Everyone has a point of view when it comes to ART.  Be it a painting, a print, an object…..



“I could have done that”


“I wish I had thought of that myself”


“I have just the spot for that”


One partner “Love it”, other partner “Hate it”


“Wrap it up”



Whatever the comment, everyone always has an opinion.  It is fascinating and we love it!!!!


I respect everyone’s point of view.  I have an LLB and BA majoring in Sociology, (not Art)…so I am the last person to judge.  However, after working for 12 years in the industry and after treading many miles of retail floorboards, I can express what I have personally discovered.


My own love of art comes with a fluttering in my stomach….I feel drawn into something in the work….be it the colour, the clean fresh lines, the dirty brushstrokes, the shape that reminds me of something peculiar, the artist that I have admired since “foreva”!


If I want to live with it….It will be an expression of a little part of me,…I will move work it around the walls to fit it in!!!


What about you and your decision-making process? 


Some people know exactly what they are after and they don’t need any assistance at all.  Easy!


Then there are those with a wish to be resolved: to fill a space, to provide a splash of colour, to own a particular artist’s work, to buy a gift, to satisfy a need. We listen carefully and show pieces that may work.


It is so satisfying finding something that fits the bill down to a tee!  You want to go away feeling completely satisfied that your wants and wishes have been validated.


What happens if you are undecided?


If you live in the Auckland area, one of the best ways to choose art for the wall or an object for a particular area is to take it on appro for 24 – 48 hours.  This is only available at our discretion, but is really the best way to make a firm decision.


If you want to dress your boardroom, bedroom or shelves, we can take down your name, number and credit card details and wrap the piece up for you so you can take it your home or your business.



You can then look at that piece in area you were thinking of (or any other area) and view it in different lighting…day and night.   


You can consider, shape and colour, form, texture, reflection, balance. You can also ask for help from friends or family and get their opinion. You can assess your budget and carefully consider affordability.


Appro also allows you some quiet contemplation with soft even breathing, rather than being caught on the hop instore.


You can consider authenticity and supporting New Zealand artists! If you are keener than keen, but have a slight reservation, do the appro thing!!!


It can save you from making a wrong decision, but can also make you feel as if you have made a true, considered decision.



Go and do it!!!