Our Fathers

Our Fathers

In the spirit of Father's Day this year, we asked Clayton and some of our artists to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences as a father. Here's what they had to say.


"When we were kids my sister and I would get $10 from mum to spend at the local shops for a father’s day gift. Forty plus years ago that was a good amount of money however our local shops were a dairy and a chemist, slim pickings. Thankfully today the options are almost unlimited so no need to get that soap on a rope for dad!"

Above right: Adam's children Olivia and Sam.
"Being a father brings me an inexhaustible wellspring of happiness. My children, Sam and Olivia, consistently fill our home with laughter. Sam's sharp, rapid-fire wit never fails to amuse, while Olivia's willingness to go the extra mile, even flipping for joy, is truly delightful. RecogniSing the significance of love and humoUr in our lives, I find it crucial to cultivate and nurture these invaluable qualities within my children."


"One of my favourite things about being a Dad is the constant reminder to loosen the f up! It’s impossible not to admire our kids' ability to really live in the moment. Spontaneity & creativity seem to be their default mode, and I’m just lucky to be around to soak some of that up."

Above left: Simon, Keya and with their children Zola 11, Bo 7 and Billy 5.


"Being a father to me is about our family... I wouldn’t be a father without celebrating my incredibly amazing Melanie-Jane who spoils me way too much and our 2 incredible girls who are growing into strong and independent women!"

Above, from left: Milana, Frankie, Clayton and Melanie-Jane Smith on a treasured family holiday.

"I love being part of all their journeys… celebrating the small things and the big moments together, it could be getting their first jobs, a drivers licence, first loves or a stubbed toe… all these moments I hold so dear to me because it was them that allowed me to be part of their lives.

I realise that for me to be the best father I can be is only do so because I have this amazing wife and incredible children in my life… I am so so lucky and I love them all so so much!!!"


"For me, being a father though there are many challenges, brings all of these unexpected rewards which you wouldn't know about until becoming a parent.  Seeing the rewards after all those trials, late nights, not sleeping - the child and the parent! Going from that, to being a happy independent child, through your support given is wonderful.
Ultimately these are the things which you don't see when you first become a parent, it takes a while for these things to kick in."
Alex and his wife Preet have a 3 year old son, Tahir

Sending our very best wishes to you and your whānau this Father's Day.