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Meet the Maker : Paora Tiatoa

Meet the Maker : Paora Tiatoa

Paora Tiatoa is a talented New Zealand based printmaker. We have his amazing work in our galleries so we thought we'd introduce you to Tiatoa, his work and get to know how he works as an artist.


What do you make?

I'm a printmaker who mainly makes inkjet and hand screen prints. I also tutu with other mediums.


What new works are in the pipeline for The Poi Room?

I’m working on a new series of 100 1/1 only A1 size prints currently on number 32. Inkjet prints will be in the mix in the near future.


How has your work changed over time?

I was formerly an abstract shape formation painter, I switched to contemporary Maori art in my third year at art school. The last 4 years I have combined the 2 art forms creating what I call ACMA abstract contemporary Maori art.

My new series of work reveals this process in detail. Although my new prints look like one part hand screen prints, the aesthetic process is not. My images are scattered over ten screens, I then abstract, assemble and make multiple individual passes of ink, to produce a final image. It's labour intensive but the outcome is worth it.



Where do you find the most inspiration?

My main source is a book Taonga Maori in the British museum. I’ve been using this book for 5 years, a particular Taonga crossed my path a Heru comb, which has become a Paramount symbol in my work. The Taonga have been made into characters, bringing them to life - giving them a sense of humour and movement. I draw on memories, toys, music, rretro vintage cars, sci-fi movies, futuristic elements, animals....anything. I don’t put restrictions on myself when creating art.


What is it you love about working and living in New Zealand?

I've been a city person most of my life but now living by the sea gives me a freedom to work from home Aotearoa is Whakapapa to me is Tupuna is Whanau.


How has digital space affected, you and changed your work?

Technology is always changing, its fast and you can gauge if people are interested in your work as its very responsive tool. Instagram is my preferred choice, as I’m picture driven - I like to scroll, like, read and move on.


What is your studio like?

My studio is a 40ft shipping container, half of it is my creative space and the other half is our lounge.


What drew you to working with The Poi Room?

As an emerging artist I’ve been making work and approached a number of galleries to gain access into the art world. The Poi Room is a clean vibrant gallery so I had to try and try again to be in The Poi Room - to be a part of something bigger than myself. 


Describe your relationship with The Poi Room, and how our values fit your business?

The Poi Room is a leader in its field with sleek showrooms that showcase many forms of art and cul-CHUR there’s high end art, to trinkets at affordable prices for gifts to suit any occasion. The Poi Room have an eye to spot new work that stands out and they back their artist 100%. They know how to generate sales for their artists, so that The Poi Room can continue to do what they do best.





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