Meet the Maker : Kirsty Nixon

Meet the Maker : Kirsty Nixon

Kirsty Nixon is a talented New Zealand based Artist and Painter. We've just received some amazing new prints in our galleries so we thought it was the perfect time to find a little more about Nixon and her practice.


What do you make?

I am an artist and painter. I primarily work with acrylics on canvas and also create limited edition prints. My subject matter reflects my love for New Zealand and it’s strong, sculptural flora, clear light and mesmerising birdlife.

What works are in the pipeline for us?

I am loving my current subject matter with birdlife and New Zealand foliage creating a window to our horizons, but really who knows... the beauty of my profession is that we have an opportunity to play every now and again. My last distraction a mix of playful colourful backgrounds with native birds. It was a fun variation on my usual subject matter.



How has your artwork changed over time?

At 18 I started painting and selling large watercolour artworks... a very long way from my current pieces. I think watercolour is a great discipline to start with as it teaches you to plan ahead carefully. Mid twenties I ventured into the liberating world of acrylics, with loose strong brushstrokes. My colour palette has also evolved with more subtle, relaxing tones. The New Zealand landscape has featured throughout, but the features have evolved with more emphasis placed on the foreground currently.


Where do you find the most inspiration?

All around me! I am constantly admiring the way light hits the hills or the leaves of a Nikau, the sound of birdlife and the smell of crisp earth while on a walk.


What is it you love about living and working in New Zealand?

Although I love a big city and would struggle with the isolation of a small town, I appreciate our ability to escape at a moments notice to a beach with no footprints or a bushwalk with the sound of birdlife ringing in your ears. When travelling from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island we are lucky to experience the constant change in scenery. Mountains, plains, cityscapes all constantly shifting around each corner or over each hill.



How has the digital space affected your artwork?

I really enjoy the ability to engage more with an audience. I’m not great at technology but it does give me the opportunity to hear feedback from those whom I would never usually meet. Creating artwork in a studio can be a very isolating experience and although this is my happy place 99% of the time, every now and again it’s really lovely to connect and hear how much someone loves a new piece or when someone sends an image of my artwork hung in their home.


What is your studio like?

Tiny! But connected to the living area of my home, so I’m always within a few metres of the family.


What drew you to working with The Poi Room?

I love a gallery space that has a huge variety of artwork on display all the time. There are items to fit every budget and occasion. The Poi Room has chosen a fantastic, high quality selection of talented artists to work with. They are lovely to deal with, have great products with helpful, friendly staff and great locations!


Describe your relationship with the Poi Room and how our values fit with your business.

As an artist, I’m very sensitive to those I work with in business and choose who I work with carefully. I’m always greeted with a hug and a smile and they are encouraging and supportive. Ultimately it’s all about working together to find the right home for the right piece. It’s very much about a positive artist/gallery relationship. When that’s working well you want to keep that relationship strong.