As a part of ART WEEK we are running an exhibition called ‘TEN’ this is a duo Exhibition with Painter - Cam Munroe & Sculptor - Melissa Young. These two Artists are both from the capital in Windy Wellington & are a dynamic duo, their works complement each other beautifully.


Find out more about Cam Munroe and her practice as a painter below.


What do you make?

Predominately I paint acrylic on canvas layering a thick textured surface with a combination of other media of ink, pencil and oil washes. I use other formats like rubbish bin lids, milk cartons or any form that suits my needs to convey what I aim to. Slip cast ceramics were a big part of my practice a couple of years ago, but I have always loved making large scale paintings so much I always come back to these.


How has your artwork changed over time?

It’s difficult to think back on past artwork without a harsh critical eye. The main change in my work is stronger composition. I love to treat an empty blank canvas as a giant notebook, filling the space stage by stage like a grid. In contrast my older work had a more open, less structured look.


Left : Evolving Anomalies 2 / Right : Evolving Anomalies 3


Where do you find the most inspiration as an artist?

Historical iconography and historical writings of cuneiform tablets and archaeological pottery finds. I immerse myself in other artists work. Instagram is an endless pool of inspiration and motivation.


What do you love about living and working in New Zealand?

After studying art in Sydney for some years, I treasure the clean air and green spaces here in NZ. The art community is small but strong and working here seems easier and more manageable than I’d imagine for artists in bigger markets.


What is your studio/creative space like?

We recently moved to a rural spot in Kapiti. My studio/modified garage is a haven. The backdoor opens to a view of the neighbouring nursery dairy cow paddock so I get to enjoy lovely cow chats every day. The sea is not far away. I can hear the waves crashing against the beach while I work. My studio awaits insulation, winter was challenging.


What are the inspirations/stories/themes behind your exhibition pieces of work?

I see art as “idea” Painting is a way of processing abstract notions. I have a visual library of images and motifs that occupy my work. They crop up in differing incarnations over time. The lost meaning behind ancient symbols, texts and imagery fascinate me and I try to incorporate some of that ‘unknowable’ aesthetic language in my work. For me, the paintings hint at a mathematical and visual problem-solving mystery.


Artwork Left : Nod Of Ascent 2019


What drew you to working with the Poi Room?

If I remember correctly Melissa Young and I were the first exhibition in the Newmarket Poi Room gallery space. At the time I was looking for a new Auckland space to exhibit and Melanie-Jane and Clayton were so natural and easy to engage with.


Describe your relationship with the Poi Room, and how our values fit your business?

Since the first show here many years ago the gallery has made lots of changes, and they have always welcomed my work in the space. The Poi Room show a very wide range of NZ made work which is constantly fresh and new. There is something for everyone. Clayton and Melanie-Jane have a huge passion for art and their support is invaluable to me and my future work. Thank you, guys!


Want to see the work in person at The Poi Room?

The Poi Room will have 'TEN' a duo exhibition with Painter - Cam Munroe & Sculptor - Melissa Young running for the entire duration of Art Week at their New Market Gallery.

TEN will be launching the exhibition this Saturday with the wonderful opportunity to 'meet the makers' from 02:00pm - 03:00 pm. Champagne & delicious cheese board will be provided.
The exhibition will only be present within the NEWMARKET (17 Osborne St) Gallery.