'Song lines' by Candy Clarke & Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

'Song lines' by Candy Clarke & Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

We are thrilled to be showcasing new work by Candy Clarke & Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes in their joint exhibition. 

'Song and Music accompany and energises Artists in their lives and are a common denominator within their studios. Sounds allow the artists to flow and create to different beats, through their thoughts and inspirations. This exhibition combines 2 Artists and their interpretation of Song, one whose painting reflects the songs of its subjects, the other using the song to find inspiration and process.'


Candy Clarke // 

When Serena and I were trying to come up with a theme or title before we began this show…I struggled to see how our work would harmonise.  It was when I thought about Serenas’ paintings I found the key.

Her work to me is etherial, dreamy, a little mysterious, evoking stories and songs, fluid and lyrical.  Which made me think how I use music as a constant story-telling companion.
I work alone at my home studio - my music my company.  It carries me through the day and is always with me, stored in my deepest memory banks.  It influences my moods and can be an immediate prompt to any place or time.  It was fun to literally allow “Song lines” into my painting for this show.  I hope our work can arouse in the viewer, cues that can make you happy or feel like we do when we are painting.
Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes // 

This body of work for our joint exhibition was just a frenetic outpouring of joyous painting.

I was given the date and opportunity and the ideas flooded in, I was so enthused I was painting continuously for two months. I couldn't get my ideas down quick enough and sometimes had several canvases on the go.

The paintings are lyrical in the way the paint flows, the explosions of colour and the movement and expression in the drawings of my animals which I bring to life by painting with my fingers wiping the paint away to create fluttering wings.




Most of my  paintings includes humming birds, the bringers of luck and a sign of love. King fishers the bringer of good fortune .The jellyfish signify acceptance. The fish perseverance and courage and the sea horse are considered a good luck charm, a knight in shining armour!

My paintings are unashamedly whimsical and dream like and I am lucky to be surrounded by nature and the ocean.

The full exhibition will run in our Newmarket Gallery and Online from the 10th March - 19th March 2023.