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Maui & Other Māori Legends

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A beautiful collection of artist Peter Gossage's beloved Maori myths, in one stunning volume.

Peter Gossage's memorable retellings of Maori oral myths have captivated the children of New Zealand for generations. Their dramatic and distinctive illustrations with minimal yet evocative language form a powerful combination, and each has earned its place among the beloved classics of our literature.

These are exciting, magical tales of adventure and intrigue. Several feature the remarkable culture hero Maui, the quick-witted and the trickster, whose exploits include slowing the sun in its course across the sky, fishing up the North Island (Te Ika a Maui), discovering the secret of fire and his attempt to trick the goddess of death and become immortal.

Maui and Other Legends contains eight essential legends:

How Maui Found his Mother

How Maui Found his Father and the Magic Jawbone

The Fish of Maui

How Maui Slowed the Sun

How Maui Found the Secret of Fire

How Maui Defied the Goddess of Death

Battle of the Mountains

Pania of the Reef


By Peter Gossage | Hardback | Dimensions: 217mm x 302mm x 20mm

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