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Māori at Home by Stacey and Scotty Morrison

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The accessible and fun guide for everyday Kiwis looking to learn and speak the Māori language around the home.

Kei hea o putu whutuporo? Where are your rugby boots?

Homai te ranu tomato - Pass me the tomato sauce

Kei te pehea te huarere i tenei ra? How is the weather today?

Kei hea to mahi kainga? Where is your homework?

Kati te whakaporearea i to tuahine! Stop annoying your sister!

ori at Home is the perfect introduction to the Māori language. A highly practical, easy and fun resource for everyday New Zealanders, it covers the basics of life in and around a typical Kiwi household.

Whether you’re practising sport, getting ready for school, celebrating a birthday, preparing a shopping list or relaxing at the beach, Māori at Home gives you the words and phrases – and confidence – you need.

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