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Large Cast Jet Plane - Jade

Simon Lewis Wards


Cast Glass Jet Plane - By Simon Lewis-Wards.

From his studio in Auckland, Simon Lewis-Wards creates playful art which often stirs up sweet childhood memories of trips to the corner dairy.

These cast glass jet planes come with a screw imbedded in the back which enables them to be threaded on to a wall plug-(plug not included).

Available in twelve different colours which are each sold separately:

Aquamarine, Emerald, Fuchsia, Gold Amethyst, Gold Ruby, Hyacinth, Jade, Lagoon, Light Yellow, Lime, Pale Copper Blue, Yellow.

Please note: Due to the casting process, slight variations may occur in the sizes and colours.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width - 130mm x Height - 180mm x Depth - 30mm

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