Collection: Tessa Apa

Tessa Apa is a self taught textile artist, working from a home studio in Tamaki Makaurau. Her work revolves around words and symbols, with the belief that nothing written is ever silent. Tessa is a lifelong creative, with a passion for colour and vibrancy that translates to everything she does. 

As a recent empty-nester, Tessa is taking advantage of having more time for creative expression and exploration.  Tessa is also the author of two children’s books, also available at The Poi Room. 

Tessa is drawn to texture and the invitation it offers to engage and examine. Tessa loves that textile art calls us closer. Working with wool is a challenge because there is no guarantee what a final piece will look like. The end result is often unexpected. Manipulating yarn in a painterly fashion is an endless challenge - one that keeps me enthralled. 
We are proud to support, Tessa Apa!

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