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Liam Barr is a contemporary New Zealand Artist, fascinated by culture, identity & belonging. Barr combines these themes around his concerns for the environment & the effects we have on the animals we 'share' the land with. Liam's works are often peculiar in their narrative, with a slight surrealist edge. Liam Barr has meticulous attention to detail & weaves stories punctuated with symbolism, iconography, humour & pathos within his original paintings.

Originally from Scotland, Liam Barr immigrated to New Zealand with his family in 1974. While traveling during his twenties - Liam found himself settled in Perth - Australia, where he trained & worked as a Graphic Designer. Barr returned to Aotearoa (New Zealand) in 2004 to further develop his art practice - now renowned for his creative expression, Liam's work sits within private collections nationally & internationally.

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