Our Sustainability and Brand Mission

Our Sustainability and Brand Mission


“We are determined to make a positive change in our business practices to ensure we can do all we can to protect our environment for our children”.




We need to reduce our footprint on the environment! A telling moment for us was when we calculated the amount of Bubblewrap we had purchased during the life of The Poi Room. It would have stretched from our Newmarket gallery to Piha and we knew we had to change. All that plastic has and would eventually end up in a landfill.


We have started with 3 simple concepts to build on for the years to come: 


  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle




Here are some of the simple policies we have already put in place.


Reduce : Bubblewrap has been replaced by reusable packaging such as Movers Blankets for Artwork and Eco Wrap Paper Cushioning.

We will only use Bubblewrap when it has been provided by a client or artist.  This way we extend the life usage and reduce the environmental impact.  


If you don’t need a bag, then we won’t give you one, this will reduce the use of single use paper bags - yes, even our bags are being looked at. Where possible we will reduce non compostable products.  Our courier bags and boxes are now compostable.


Reuse : We are inundated with packaging materials with the nature of our business. Where we can we will reuse these - such as boxes, newspaper etc. Polystyrene boxes that are provided by our Artists are all to be reused or returned to the artists for their reuse.  We gratefully accept any used bubblewrap that is clean and fresh for reuse in our galleries.



Recycle : We have an agreement with the suppliers of our movers blankets that they can all be recycled back at their factory. That’s why we encourage everyone to bring these back for us after they have used them to reuse and for recycling.




So far in 2019 we have :

  1. Stopped purchasing Bubblewrap – FULL STOP!
  2. Our courier bags are now 100% compostable, thanks GoSweetSpot!
  3. Introduced reusable movers blankets to package and transport artwork.
  4. Split our rubbish recycled and trash.
  5. Introduced Canvas tote bags for purchases over $150.00 and reduced single use paper bags.



We need to actively encourage and educate our suppliers and artists in implementing their own policy around their works. Going forward we are looking into alternative materials for wrapping paper, ribbons and plastic tapes used in our galleries.


We are going to partner with a Not For Profit Organisation to get our message across that we are all responsible in protecting our planet. Any savings we make in our business through our actions we will donate to help further this message.


We endeavour to set the benchmark for our peers, clients and artists. Follow along our journey over the next few months as we continue to expand and grow this story. We will be continuing to provide you with updates on our website and across our social channels.