Inside lockdown with our Creative Director & Owners

Inside lockdown with our Creative Director & Owners

Hi all,


Hope you and your families are all keeping safe and healthy in these unusual times. Life is certainly different at the moment.


Hunkering down with two fabulous teenage daughters, awesome hubby and Ziggy dog. It has been a time of ups and downs. Mostly ups thank goodness. Today has been a little over the place (truth be told). I have been wondering what life for The Poi Room will be like after we are out of lockdown.


Clayton and I moved some stock home before lockdown & most of the print bin prints are sitting comfortably in our bedroom while a lot of other stock sits on and around Melissa’s desk in our office.  I have been taking photographs of pounamu and jewellery and getting it up online. Keeps me busy… and good to be working on getting new stock online for all our wonderful customers. 


We have been having a lovely number of online orders from our fabulous customers craving for something new and special in their abodes. When the couriers return to picking up non-essential items we will be able to send these off straight away. We have tissue, packing items and rolls of tape at the ready.



All in all we are optimistic for our future. We know that things will be different, but we will do the very best we can in the new climate we will find ourselves in.


While at home, I have been cleaning places that haven’t been cleaned for a while….. discovering little condiment dishes and jugs that have slipped to the back of cupboards….ready to be revived again!


We have definitely been eating very well – Trying out lots of different recipes. Frankie has made loads of delicious hot cross buns. Milana has been on the Japanese menu with tantalising concoctions. I am continuing to love using the 3rd Ripe recipe book, Ottolenghi Simple and Jamie Oliver Veg cookbooks…so inspiring!


There is coffee over the fence with awesome Sarah, waves to Kate and Roger’s new wee bubbie across the road, and phone calls to old Margaret down the road to keep in touch.


The daily walk with Ziggy clinging to the side of the road or making hasty retreats to the middle of the road, has gone for a wee while as he recovers from slipping over and destroying one of his claws (this is the second time this has happened) but on his other paw!



There has been a spot of gardening, yoga, soduku, reading….enjoying the sun. We are all playing a waiting game while we hunker down to try to get rid of this escalating virus. We can’t wait to fling open our doors to the galleries and plug the computers in again.


We are hoping for a cleaner brighter future for us all.

Okay, take care love and hugs to you all.


Melanie-Jane xx