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Waipunarangi - Original Painting

Ra Gossage


Waipunarangi  | Ra Gossage


Waipunarangi is one of Matariki's daughters, legend has it they travel across the sky each year to visit their Tipuna.

Waipunarangi accompanies her grandmother to the waters – the oceans, lakes and rivers – where she prepares the children of Tangaroa to feed the people. 

Papatūānuku also teaches her about how the water that spills down from Ranginui collects together to provide drinking water for the people, animals and plants.

She also watches how the water is evaporated by the heat of Tama-nui-te-rāTama-nui-te-rā the sun into the clouds that cloak Ranginui, so that may rain once again.

Waipunarangi knows that if you give to others, all that kindness will come right back to you, and it is this lesson that she shares with us.

Width - 680mm x Height 520mm


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