The Alpha & Omega Hold The Wheels In The Work No.2

Cam Munroe


 The Alpha and Omega Hold The Wheels In The Work No.2 - By Cam Munroe

From her studio on the Kapiti Coast, Cam Munroe has used a skateboard deck as her base to create this striking original acrylic painting.

"I see art as an 'idea'. Painting is a way of processing abstract notions. I have a visual library of images and motifs that occupy my work. They crop up in differing incarnations over time. The lost meaning behind ancient symbols, texts, and imagery fascinates me and I try to incorporate some of that ‘unknowable’ aesthetic language in my work. For me, the paintings hint at a mathematical and visual problem-solving mystery".


Width - 790mm x Height - 200mm

Please Note - 
The 'in situ mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment and it does not truly reflect the size of the painting. Please refer to the measurements above for the exact dimensions.