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Sugar Mice - Lagoon

Rebecca Heap


Sugar Mice - Lagoon | Rebecca Heap

Based in Auckland, Rebecca Heap has created these delightful glass sea urchins bowls wand come with a small glass spoon. Which are available in a wide variety of colours. Great for providing a lovely pop of colour, these hand-cast sculptures come in a cute lidded tin, making them perfect gifts to send within New Zealand or overseas. 

"My mother has a very early memory of Sugar mice balanced on the Christmas tree branches in pre-war London. Many years later whilst visiting England I was determined to find her a sugar mouse and had success in a tiny old old fashioned sweet shop on the cobbled streets of York.

By the time he had travelled 18,000 km home and became slightly sticky. Mum's sugar mouse was ready to be immortalised in glass"


Length - 65mm x Width - 30mm x Height - 18mm


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