Sola - Framed

Liam Barr


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Sola (Framed) - By Liam Barr

Liam Barr is a painter and printmaker who creates thought provoking work that seeks to form connections between the land and those who live upon it.

"The air with filament tones abound with heartache and regret,through bone and beak, the notes resound with love they can't forget.In company she's barely seen judged societies outcast,to meet with her you want be keen, feathered sentinels stand fast.Her name belies her state of mind, comfort plays no part,her quest pertains her man to find, vowed, 'till death do us part.

Solo is what Sola does and oceans she will cross, true mates, there be only one, just like the Albatross."

Framed Limited Edition Giclee Print

Stock: Arches Velin Museum Rag 315gsm - 100% cotton Rag:


Width -  390mm x Height - 610mm.

Please Note - 

The 'in situ mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment and it does not truly reflect the size of the work. Please refer to the measurements above for the exact dimensions of this print.