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Small Huia Feather Upon Rimu No.2

Aimee Gruar


 Huia Feather On Rimu - By Aimee Gruar

Part of the wattle bird family which includes Kokako, and Saddleback, Huia were black birds with an iridescent green gloss, and an orange wattle at the base of their ivory beaks. They had twelve tail feathers that were each tipped with a 2-3cm band of white and measured approximately 20cms in length. Representing leadership and mana, wearing of these distinguished feathers during pre-European times, was reserved for chiefs of high rank and their whanau(family). Native to New Zealand but now extinct, the last official sighting of Huia was of two males and one female on December the 28th, 1907.

Using vintage materials sourced from op shops, garage sales, and trade me, Aimee has created Huia feathers which are backed on to recycled rimu and ready to be hung on the wall. 


Width - 67mm x Height - 210mm 

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