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Rangatira hei Kahu Kereru

Regal Enterprises


Rangatira hei Kahu Kereru - By Regal Enterprises.

A chief wearing a Kahu Kereru - cloak made from Kereru feather (New Zealand Pigeon).

He holds a Tewhatewha with a striking blade (rapa) at the other end. The front edge was used for striking rather than the rapa which gave added weight to the blow. A skilled handler could flick the feathers attached to the rapa to distract an opponent to then deliver a deadly blow and then finish off with the mata.

From an extensive range of decorative figurines which are made from white metal, and then meticulously hand painted. Not suitable for small children. 

1st Maori War 1845-1847.


Width - 35mm x Height - 80mm x Depth - 20mm