Paraoa (Sperm Whale), Vertical Flag - Black & Deep Navy Blue

Paula Coulthard


Paroa (Sperm Whale) - Black And Deep Navy Blue - By Paula Coulthard

From the Ika Moana/Whale Series by Paula Coulthard. Ika Moana is a very old Maori name for whales, the English translation is Fish of the Sea. This series of work is inspired by the concept of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship & protection), and features 'Paraoa' with the full moon rising and the Southern Cross upright and high in the sky signalling the time of year to be April.  Paraoa and The Southern Cross can both be seen in New Zealand all year round.

Based in the Wairarapa, Paula Coulthard is a mixed media artist, whose love of natural materials and history, inspires the beautiful flags that she creates. Using a base of cotton canvas, Paula individually stencils and paints the imagery to create these highly sought after works of art. This flag is from a limited edition of 30, and comes with wooden batons at the top and bottom, and metal teeth which enables it to be easily hung.


Width - 900mm x Height - 1650mm

Please Note - 
The 'in situ mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment and it does not truly reflect the size of the work. Please refer to the measurements above for the exact dimensions of this flag.