Rangatira hei Mere Pounamu

Regal Enterprises


Maori Chief With Greenstone Mere - By Regal Enterprises.

A chief wearing a Korowai - a cloak made from the finest dressed flax decorated with lengths of twisted flax and tufts of red wool.

Over the top of this he wears a topuni, a war mat that consists of flax cloak with dogs hair fastened to it, it is worn exclusively by men, usually chiefs and high-born warriors. He holds a mere pounamu, a weapon used with a thrusting motion similar to a short sword.

From an extensive range of decorative figurines which are made from white metal, and then meticulously hand painted. Not suitable for small children. 

1st Maori War 1845-1847.


Width - 30mm x Height - 60mm x Depth - 15mm