Levels Of Light

Peter Latham



Levels Of Light | Peter Latham

Location: Skippers Canyon, Central Otago

Unframed Limited Edition (10) Photographic Print

Height - 850mm x Width - 1600mm

“Fresh snow had fallen a few days earlier, so I reckoned this might provide a good
opportunity to capture the dramatic shapes & shadows of Skippers Canyon, near
Queenstown. Arriving here before dawn, I captured wider angles at sunrise, then
switched to my longest lens & 2x teleconverter, focusing my attention on this
compressed, distant view. I waited patiently in the cold, hoping the sun might find a
gap to penetrate the clouds. And just as I was about to give up, these warm rays of
light were released onto these patches of golden tussock. Suddenly, this scene was
transformed into one of contrast & beauty, by this extra level of light.

Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic + Schneider Kreuznach 240mm blue lens
+ 2x teleconverter, 5 frames stitched together to achieve epic detail & clarity

1/320 sec @ f11 ISO 800

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