Large Toki Sculpture

Alex Sands

Alex Sands | Large Toki Pounamu Sculpture

This stunning & unique Large Toki Sculpture has been designed & carved by the hands of New Zealand Artist - Alex Sands. Pounamu is a true taonga (treasure) - the greenstone/jade has been sourced from New Zealand's West Coast of the South Island. This sculpture has been accentuated with Paua Shell detail & sits upon an NZ sourced timber.

Toki Meaning:
With expertise & power, the carver wields the adze. Relied on for survival in ancient times, the tools of traditional times are imbued with significance & value. The Toki epitomizes the artistry & skill of the craftsman, protector & provider. Of great Mana (prestige), to wield the Toki is to wield strength.

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