Large Toki Sculpture

Alex Sands


 Large  Pounamu Toki Sculpture By Alex Sands

This stunning Toki sculpture has been designed and carved by the talented hands of Alex Sands using pounamu sourced from the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. A true taonga (treasure), and statement piece, this sculpture has been accentuated with paua shell and sits upon native New Zealand timber.

Toki Meaning:

Toki represent strength, courage and determination, and are considered to be like an all purpose tool to help the wearer navigate their journey through life.With expertise and power, the carver wields the adze. The Toki epitomises the artistry and skill of the craftsman, protector, and provider. Of great Mana (prestige), to wield the Toki is to wield strength.

Dimensions of Toki:

Width - 50mm x Height - 128mm x Depth - 15mm

Dimensions of Base:

Width - 95mm x Height - 45mm x Depth - 65mm

Overall Height is 185mm