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Kauri Gum Heart Shaped Necklace

Neil Adcock Design


Kauri Gum Heart Shaped Necklace - By Neil Adcock

Located near the top of the North Island, Neil Adcock creates stunning contemporary jewellery that often incorporates pounamu, kauri gum, and gem stones. This piece features kauri gum, and comes with a sterling silver necklace. 


Width - 47mm x Height - 36mm 

Chain - 520mm long.

**Formed over tens of thousands of years, Kauri Copal Gum connects the wearer to the ancient forests that graced the lands of New Zealand, where the majestic Kauri Trees could live for over 2000 years.

Each piece is one of a kind and designed by the artist to reveal its inner natural beauty, honouring its unique character and preserving its energetic resonance.

The glorious colours range from crystal clear to white, red, orange, yellow, cream to almost black.

Prized for its beauty and richness, this unique, rare and exquisite gem is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful natural treasures. 

Care for your Kauri Copal (Kauri Gum) Treasure: Like any gem, to be handled with care. Kauri Copal can chip or break if knocked or dropped or has pressure applied to it. Avoid direct or prolonged exposure to heat or enclosed hot environments. Remove before applying perfume, showering, bathing or playing sport.

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