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Herus The Meanest - Jetscreen Print

Paora Tiatoa



Herus The Meanest | Paora Tiatoa 
Influenced by storytelling, personal experience, & tohu (signs) - Paora Tiatoa uses freehand drawing, & a variety of printing techniques, to produce work that explores his Māori culture & heritage. 

'Jet Screen Print'
The fusion of Digital Ink-Jet Printing & Screen Printing.
The process of 'Jet Screen Printing' is a term that Paora Tiatoa has used to describe his unique style of creating multi-media artworks. Here is how the artwork has been created... Firstly, the initial (background) artwork has been designed upon digital software (ie. Computer, Laptop, iPad). The artist then prints the digital artwork through an Ink-Jet Printer. Now that the Digital Artwork has been Ink-Jet printed, the artist uses their range of Print Screens to disrupts the Digital Print by applying unique Print Screen designs (sometimes using multiple print screens to create the desired 'final artwork'). This process allows the artist freedom to use their printing screens repetitively to create original artworks. Due to the process of 'Jet Screen Printing', this artwork is deemed as an 'original artwork' as there will never be a replica of this piece created again. Edition Number: 1/1

Width - 730mm x Height - 1055mm
Please select from UNFRAMED OR FRAMED*
*There will be an additional 10 day delivery for framed prints.

Please select from UNFRAMED or FRAMED*.
*There will be an additional 10 days delivery for framed prints. 
Choose from unframed or framed in a black or white overmatted box frame.
There will be an additional 10 days delivery for framed prints.

Please Note - 
The 'in situ mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment and it does not truly reflect the size of the work. Please refer to the measurements above for the exact dimensions of this screenprint.

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