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Heru & The Boys Gone Fishing - Digital Print

Paora Tiatoa



Heru & The Boys Gone Fishing | Paora Tiatoa 
Influenced by storytelling, personal experience, & tohu (signs) - Paora Tiatoa uses freehand drawing, & a variety of printing techniques, to produce work that explores his Māori culture & heritage. 

Digital Print
This artwork was initially a 'Multi-Pass Screen Print'. Paora Tiatoa, taken the creative direction to replicate this into a Digital Print - this has been done by scanning the original Multi-Pass Screen Print Artwork & creating multiple Digitals Prints of the original Multi-Pass Screen Print.

The process of a Digital Print: The artwork has been adapted upon digital software (ie. Computer, Laptop, iPad), the artist then prints the artwork through an Ink-Jet Printer. This process allows the artist freedom to manipulate variants (design, colour, size, etc). The Ink-Jet printing process allows the artist to print multiples of the final artwork. Edition Number: O/E - Open Edition, there is no limit as to how many times the artist will print this design, it's open-ended.

Multi-Pass Screen Print
The process of Multi-Pass Screen Printing is when the artist uses multiple print screens to piece together a final artwork. This process allows the artist freedom to use their printing screens repetitively to create original artworks.

Width - 210mm x Height - 297mm
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*There will be an additional 10 day delivery for framed prints.

Please Note - 
The 'in situ mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment - it does not truly reflect the size of the work. Please refer to the measurements above for the exact dimensions of this print.