Female Tui Pendant / Brooch

Aimee Gruar


Tui Pendant/Brooch - By Aimee Gruar

Common throughout most parts of New Zealand, Tui are known for their unusual calls which differ for each bird and are complex due to the two voice boxes they possess. At first glance they appear to be completely black except for their distinctive white tuft, and lace like collar around their neck. On closer inspection, they have brown feathers on their backs and flanks, and a multi-coloured iridescent sheen that varies depending on how the light strikes them. Seen by some as messengers from the gods, they represent life fulfilment, confidence, and spiritual harmony. 

Using old vinyl records, Aimee has created Tui which are attached to a multi-coloured flower and wrapped with an old guitar string. These adjustable pendants have a magnetic clasp on the back which enables them to be worn as a brooch if preferred. A presentation box is included with each pendant. 

Width - 40mm x Height - 110mm