Captain Cook - Diorama

Emily Thomas

Captain Cook - Diorama

Stunning Artwork by New Zealand Artist - Emily Thomas. The imagery has been beautifully showcased within a Diorama format (a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures). Features - Captain James Cook, Native Kakapo & various nautical themes. 

Captain James Cook: British Explorer, Navigator, Cartographer & Captain of the British Royal Navy. As the captain on three voyages of discovery in the late eighteenth century, James Cook became the first European to define the outline of New Zealand. Thanks to Cook’s detailed charts, & his gentlemen passengers’ scientific & artistic documentation, accurate knowledge of New Zealand was available in Europe for the first time from the 1770s. 

Captain James Cook has left a permanent imprint on the consciousness of New Zealanders - he named more coastal landmarks than any other person, & his name is attached to two of the country’s most significant geographical features (Mt Aoraki / Mt Cook & Cook Strait).


Height 305mm x Width 217mm

Please Note - 
The 'Insitu Mockup' is merely an example of visual representation within an environment - it does not truly reflect the size of the Artwork. We have tried our best to mimic the proportions within the Insitu Mockup - please refer, to the measurements above for the exact dimensions of this Artwork.

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