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Blue Glass Koauau + Waka Huia

Mike Cameron


Blue Glass Koauau + Waka Huia | Mike Cameron

This stunning piece features a blue cast glass Koauau, presented in a swamp Kauri Waka Huia (treasure box).


"Contemporary Koaua of Flute. Made using mixed media of wood, cast glass and fibre. I am born and bred in Whangarei, Northland and so have a strong connection to the Sea and forest. The glass element represents Tangaroa(God of the sea) whilst the Swamp Kauri or other wood represents Tane ( God of the Forest).

Once played, the breath of Mauri (life force) enters the Koauau and makes it sing the sounds of Tawhirimatea (God of Wind), across Tangoroa and in the footsteps of Tane. This sound sends messages to our Tupuna (Ancestors) and realms beyond our own". - Mike Cameron



Width - 115mm x Height - 75mm  x Depth - 75mm

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