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Amber Jade Titanium Ring

Neil Adcock Design


Amber Jade Titanium Ring - By Neil Adcock

Located near the top of the North Island, Neil Adcock creates stunning contemporary jewellery that often incorporates pounamu, kauri gum and gemstones.

This stunning ring features Amber with 24ct gold accents and Titanium Frame.

A real statement piece!!!


New Zealand Amber.

This exquisite and rare New Zealand Amber was only recently discovered in 2014, found by pure chance

far underground at a depth of 150 metres. Its pristine beauty was first exposed to the world when the machinery a fortunate miner was operating broke down.

While being repaired he observed a minuscule gleam in the coal face. Upon further investigation, he unearthed a small quantity of this unique Amber, not touched by the outside air since its formation in the Cretaceous and Tertiary Period, 30 to 70 million years ago.

Now, for the first time in aeons, we can gaze upon and appreciate Amber’s unparalleled, pure beauty, illuminating through an array of lights and colours.

Certified in 2016 by GIA as Amber. Gemological Institute of America.

Neil Adcock is honoured to be the only jeweller in the world working with this gem.

Care for your Amber Treasure: Like any gem, to be handled with care. Amber can chip or break if knocked or dropped.



Diameter - 70mm 

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