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Te Waka Pingao

Tangimoe Clay


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Te Waka Pingao | Tangimoe Clay



Pignao, Whitau Feathers



Width - 00000mm x Height - 00000mm


Tangimoe Clay

Te Whakatōhea


Ko Maungarangi te manga

Ko Otara te awa

Ko Ngāti Ngahere te hapu

Ko Mataatua te waka

Ko Te Whakatōhea te iwi

Ko Tangimoe Clay ahau


Raised by my kuia and koroua in Oponae located in the rural Waioweka gorge, Opotiki. I attended Queen Victoria Private Maori Girls Boarding School. I have been operating my own business, Tangata Whenua in Opotiki from 1998 as a retail outlet and have been weaving for over 25 years.


Recently, I exhibited at the Auckland Gallery for Toi Tu Toi Ora, which is the biggest Māori exhibition Āotearoa has ever had and, currently have being commissioned to make a clock to coincide with the America’s Cup 2021.


I am always swayed by the kaupapa and the challenge of the pieces I make. My preference is working with organic fibres and am extremely passionate about designing and the creation of original pieces. Although the mechanics are the same, the designer and the fashioning are endless.



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