On The Same Page

Cam Munroe

Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas - On The Same Page


Striking Original Painting by Aotearoa Artist - Cam Munroe. 'On The Same Page' is apart of The Poi Room's Duo Exhibition 'TEN' with NZ Artists - Cam Munroe & Melissa Young. The exhibition is during Auckland's Art Week, Oct 2019.


"I see art as an “idea” Painting is a way of processing abstract notions. I have a visual library of images and motifs that occupy my work. They crop up in differing incarnations over time. The lost meaning behind ancient symbols, texts, and imagery fascinate me and I try to incorporate some of that ‘unknowable’ aesthetic language in my work. For me, the paintings hint at a mathematical and visual problem-solving mystery".


Dimensions: 1010mm x 1010mm.

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