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Crystal K Bar Glass Sculpture - Raspberry

Simon Lewis Wards


Crystal K Bar Glass Sculpture - Raspberry

Limited Edition 1/1

From his studio in Auckland, Simon Lewis-Wards creates playful art which often stirs up sweet childhood memories of trips to the corner dairy. These oversized K Bar limited prints are a nostalgic treat, loved by kids, hated by dentists.


"The inspiration for the limited edition Chrystal Cast Glass K-Bar Screen Sculpture is my school tuck-shop! My mates & I basically lived off these things, as well as, steak & cheese pies of course. These wrappers are iconic & make me salivate on-site!

I worked with Artrite Fine Art Screen Printers over the course of a few months getting these looking just right! We have replicated the same screen printing process as the OG wrappers & have printed on the same waxed paper. Once that is done, I take them back to my studio & wrap each piece individually around jumbo Cast Class K Bar shapes & manhandle them over the course of a few weeks to achieve the correct folds & crinkles. They are then mounted, numbered, signed & framed. Each wrapper is a unique artwork - no tear, crinkle or fold is the same as another".

Approx.  Height - 520mm x Width - Varying due to paper wrapper. On a 100mm x 100mm metal base and stand.

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