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Reotahi Boat

Shona Firman


Reotahi Boat | Shona Firman

"Living in the Whangarei Heads area, we often walk to the ruins of the Reotahi meat works. This work represents this site in a small way, the decay and slow subsidence back into the earth. The walls are falling down and the gorse is taking over. Once a thriving industry, now after a hundred years soon it will disappear forever as have the sailing ships that picked up the meat.
To capture the essence before it is all gone, I took rubber mould on site of what is left of the old steel and concrete ruins, which I then cast into glass and presented as a free standing sculptural form.
The boat is supported by one of the thread and bolts from the ruins."


Dimensions: Height - 595mm x Width - 150mm x Depth - 185mm


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