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Grow - Wāhine Finding Connection Through Food

Bateman Publishing


Grow - Wāhine Finding Connection Through Food
Sophie Merkens

"There has to be hope in food again. We have to be able to find that hope through connecting with food, and we can do that when we're connected with ourselves and our place". - Dr Jessica Hutchins

Sophie Merkens takes us on a journey across Aotearoa (New Zealand), meeting 35 inspiring wāhine (woman) - mothers, gardners, foragers, hunters, cooks, experts, and hobbyists - who find meaning through food. Their conversations dive deep into how food influences their lives. A refreshingly honest and insightful book about women, food and connection.

Width - 20mm x Height - 25mm 

Page Count: 239

Featured Wāhine:
Kimi Knott - Splore To Table | Alice Nicholls - Mushrooms & Mindsets | Olive Minani - New Beginnings | Lania Davis - Protecting & Connecting | Jessie Baker - Bees Make The World Go Round | Dr Jessica Hutchings - Decolonising Food | Pania Te Paiho - Mana Wahine | Kay Baxter - Planting Seeds | Yasmin Moore - For The Love Of Salt | Enger Pelosi-Fear - Hunting Connection | Ruth Heath - Daily Bread | Alexandra Morrissey & Victoria Sala - Changing Our Food, One Little Farm At A Time | Fluer Sulivan - A Wild-food Legend | Angela Clifford - Gathering Around The Table | Annika Korsten - Twenty-First Century Hunter-Gatherer | Marion Smith - Taking Time To Smell The Roses | Andrea Staben - Strength In Vulnerability | Sophie Jackson - The Art Of Being Human | Robina McCurdy - Creating a Food-Secure Nation | Rebecca Gouldhurst - Seaweed & Happiness | Fiona Stewart - Cultivating Change | Robyn Guyton - Best Of The Old With The Best Of The New | Sue Stockwell & Jenny McDonald - Raising Spirits From Bread | Ruthie Henchman - FruitsOf Her Labour | Donna Kerridge - Heal | Renée Taylor - Ko Au Te Moana, Ko Te Moana Ko Au | Claire Edwards - Be The Change You Wish To See In The World | Rochana Moon - Plant Empowerment | Setha Davenport - Sowing Solutions | Alice McSherry - Kinplants | Hoera Whyllie - Oceanic Connection | Marara Murray-Haig - Free-Range Family | Olivia Sisson - Putting Down Roots.

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