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Crafting Aotearoa

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Crafting Aotearoa | Karl Chitham, Kolokesa U Māhina-Tuai, Damian Skinner 

A Cultural history of making New Zealand & the wider Moana Oceania.

What connects the practice of Māori tattoo, the spectacular adornments worn by Samoan students during graduation, the finely made scoria walls in Auckland gardens, and the renewed respect for and appreciation of Pākehā artisan skills such as knifemaking? In twenty-first-century Aotearoa New Zealand, the handmade object & all the knowledge & skill involved in making it are celebrated by many different groups, and for many different reasons.

Making it at the heart of many social & cultural identities, & the almost endless forms of creativity & knowledge involved have rich, multiple, overlapping, & sometimes contentious & surprising histories. They connect Māori, Pākehā & wider Moana Oceani objects  & practices, & link the islands of Aotearoa to the ocean & islands throughout Moana Oceania. 

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