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Washup - TOP UP - Blossom & Gilt

Ashley & Co


Costa Rican Tuberose | Wild Jasmine | Ylang Ylang | White Tobacco |  Bergamot | Kaffir Lime

Aromatic botanical Hand Wash for use anytime/everyday. Bolstered with aloe, horopito, and grapefruit seed, this is your habitual helper to nourish and cleanse hands, with the pick-me-up of an invigorating and balancing scent. Use Ashley & Co® Topup to refill your Washup. 

Scent Description  Give fresh flowers: Costa Rican Tuberose and Wild Jasmine create the ultimate bouquet, lasting longer than it’s fresh petalled contemporaries.

Scent Profile  The elegant yet indolic depth of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Plump Tuberose, complement Lime and Bergamot top notes creating a warm and enthusiastic floral fusion.

1000ml Refill | PH balanced & Soap Free | Not Tested On Animals.

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