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Muka Ring - Sterling Silver

David Beamish


Muka Sterling Silver Ring | David Beamish 

Navigation Series
"Each ring within this series captures a moment for me that remains a tohu (mark/symbol) - a marker dropped to show a pathway. The observer of that tohu interprets it in their own manner, adding to the resonance & meaning - enhancing the mana (essence/authority) & mauri (life principle) of that taonga (treasure) & place". 

Muka Sterling Silver Ring
Muka - prepared flax fibre. 
The versatility of fiber in all its forms binds & decorates so many items.  Strength comes solely from the multiplicity of strands.  From the most simple to complex, raranga (weaving) is the glue that underpins technology & art in pacific societies. This simple woven pattern pays homage to the possibilities. 


Internal Diameter - 22mm x Height - 25mm

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